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"Lynn is a miracle worker and accomplished what no one else could. I have had countless people notice the change in Grace and even swear it is a different dog. Grace is calm now and will let anyone approach her."

—Susan Jensen, Nevada City, CA

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testimonial"Lynn brought much needed peace and reassurance into our home when she came to work with us and our puppy Lily. All of us, Lily and her humans, desperately needed training, but we quickly found out that a group class was impossible. Lily needed someone who had skill, talent, and kindness, and because of unusual circumstances within our family, we needed someone who was intuitive and sensitive to our special needs.

Lynn was all of that and more. Her confidence in Lily’s ability to be trained, and her beautiful demonstration of that training, put us at ease with the concepts and immediately changed the dynamic between canine and human in our household. I fully credit Lynn and recommend her highly."

—Janice Bedayn, Grass Valley, CA

testimonial"Lynn is patient, knowledgeable and compassionate with both four-legged and two-legged mammals. Her enthusiasm for her work and her clients is unmistakable. She has an uncanny understanding of dog personality and behavior. I suspect dogs think she has an uncanny understanding of humans as well. Daisy, Maude and I can recommend Lynn as a trainer without reservation."

—Stevee Duber, Nevada City, CA

testimonial"Thank you so much for your work with our dog Beatrix. We noticed a big difference after just one training session. Now we are able to have Beatrix "touch" and get her attention instead of having her jump all over friends and guests. You really have a knack with understanding what dogs need. Beatrix loves the game you taught her with the tennis balls in a muffin-tin, brilliant! You have helped us tremendously and we are very grateful to you."

—Jonathan Maule & Lauren Henley, Arcata, CA

testimonial"My dog has had quite a history although he’s only three years old. We adopted him as a puppy from a rescue shelter along with his brother when he was just 8 weeks old. Little did we know, adopting two male dogs from the same litter it is not recommended because they have a tendency to fight.

For many months Piper and his brother did fine together and were very loving. But then, they had 3 fights over several months. The last of the three was the worst and we knew we had to do something. We made the hard decision to find a home for his brother because although he was friendly with people – he was aggressive towards dogs. During the last fight Piper almost lost his ear and was very traumatized to say the least.

I knew once he healed I needed to find a trainer that could help me with this shaking bundle of nerves. Piper was scared around people and dogs and didn’t like to go in the car. If I took him on a walk, he would become very uneasy if a dog was within seeing distance. I knew that I wanted to have him attend group dog obedience classes, but he was nowhere near being able to do that.

I interviewed several dog trainers and decided that Lynn’s philosophy was the best fit for Piper. I wanted to make sure he would be taught with kindness... not dominance. He’d had enough dominance in his life and he needed to have some fun and chill out!

Lynn came to my home and gave us about 6 private lessons. We first started in my yard and home and then graduated to the park. Piper made so much progress I couldn’t believe it. He gradually began to relax and realize that not every dog in the park was out to get him.

Now it was time to graduate to Lynn’s beginning dog obedience group class in Auburn. I was so excited, but also worried. How would he do??

The class had 5 or 6 other dogs and their owners. The first night Piper hid in the corner and shook. It was pretty sad. But, each class got easier and easier. In fact, the last class was a miracle! Piper was laying on his bed. . . about 7 feet away from another dog completely relaxed. So relaxed that he decided to take a snooze! He received a 95% on his final test too! I wouldn’t have believed that in such a short time Piper could have made so much progress.

Now we can walk at the park and he’s not afraid of people. He’s more relaxed around other dogs although I know he’ll never be the type to romp at a dog park. Lynn taught me how to work with Piper, how to stay within his limits, and how to know when to move to the next level.

Lynn has helped me make my nervous dog into a very sweet relaxed sweet-pea that brings our entire family joy. I cannot recommend Lynn enough. She is an angel!"

—Carol Youmans, Meadow Vista, CA

testimonial"Thanks for having Buster and me in your classes!  I think Buster is more of a quick study than I am... he just blows me away with how far he's come & all that he's learned, especially in spite of all of my fumbly, bumbly efforts.   I look forward to learning more from you to help me do a better job with him."

—Lois Lyon, Nevada City, CA

testimonial"I met Lynn as a fellow student in a K9 Nose Work class, and had a chance to watch her work with her Borzoi Mimi over the past year or so. I also took a private lesson from her to improve my dog Molly’s Rally Obedience skills.

I think Lynn’s strengths as a trainer are the fact that she "speaks dog" so well–she seems to understand immediately what’s going on in a dog’s mind and readily communicates what she wants to the dog–and her versatility.

When we arrived for our Rally lesson, it quickly became apparent that Molly, who can climb a near-vertical rock wall and will walk a narrow plank over rushing water, did not want to set foot on the shiny wooden floor of the meeting hall. Without missing a beat, Lynn took us out to the parking lot and conducted the lesson out there. From previous experiences in agility classes, I was pretty sure that Molly wouldn’t work for anyone except me, but I soon learned otherwise. When Lynn took the leash, Molly snapped right into heel position and ran through all her Rally moves as if she had been working with Lynn all her life and in fact would prefer to work with her.

Lynn doesn’t use a "one size fits all" training technique, but adapts her approach to the individual dog. With Molly, who at 12 is still very energetic and a little rude (she still wants to jump up on people), she took a firm leadership role and earned Molly’s respect without curbing her enthusiasm. Mimi, who had done a lot of obedience and conformation showing before she was Lynn’s dog, started out very passive in Nose Work class and just went to heel or front position whenever she was confused. Lynn was calm and patient with her–she would take her out of the search zone, approach it again, stay out of Mimi’s way until she figured it out, and then deliver a big reward when she succeeded. If you saw Mimi in Nose Work class today, you would not recognize the passive, tentative dog I described here. Now Mimi runs into the search area, searches with enthusiasm, and demands her treat when she makes the find.

I would highly recommend Lynn as a trainer, either in a formal class setting or for individual sessions to solve specific problems.

— Miriam Liskin, Penn Valley, CA

testimonial"After completing all three classes consecutively all we can say is WOW! Without a doubt, your classes were the BEST INVESTMENT for Trooper's adjustment (and ourselves) as a family. Not only did we achieve milestones that seemed insurmountable in the beginning, your guidance, patience and sincere care educated ALL OF US! Each of the training classes were unique, fun, educational, challenging (at times) and above all engaging and informative We truly appreciated the smaller (cozier) groups that allowed "just enough" personal time yet still maintaining the "group bond". We would also like to give a BIG THANKFUL SHOUT OUT to HAPPYDOGK9 Facebook Page, that has been a WEALTH of information!!"

—Brian & Natalie Sugrue, Nevada City, CA

testimonial"I remember surfing the internet looking for anyone who could help me.

I had exhausted all of the resources I knew, and my dog was not progressing. I had purchased my dog, Grace, a pure-bred 4-month-old German Shepherd puppy, from a breeder; and shortly after bringing my puppy home, she began to bark at anyone who tried to approach her. This behavior escalated and she would bark and lunge at people and dogs who simply walked by. She had become very unpredictable in whom she would allow to approach her and whom she would not. I was trying to train her for search and rescue, and knew that unless I could somehow get her over this, we would never be the perfect search team I had once dreamed we would be. So I continued searching.

Grace and I had attended numerous obedience classes and I had hired a personal dog trainer. One trainer used a shock collar to the point that Grace shut down and refused to work anymore. A few of the trainers insisted on using the choke chain. One trainer insisted you throw a metal chain at your dog every time it misbehaved (we did not engage in this practice).

In addition to the trauma Grace endured from the various trainers; she also had many other bad experiences as a puppy. She was forced off a boat dock by a stranger trying to pet her (she was afraid of him and just kept backing away until ultimately she fell into the lake) and she had not yet learned how to swim. She was kicked by a stranger at the Sikh parade. She was bitten in the face by an older lab when she was about 4 month old. She was “rolled” by a friend for barking because he thought that was the best way to train a dog. She was forced into being approached by countless people who thought they were being harmless and just trying to say 'hello.'

In addition to all the trauma Grace suffered, she also suffers from numerous allergies (she receives allergy shots every 2 weeks) and has hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis. We are seeing a specialist at UC Davis for these issues and Grace is doing great with it all so far.

While surfing the internet, I came across the Happy Dog K-9 Training website. I read what I could about it and liked what I saw. I emailed Lynn and she promptly emailed me back. I set up a time to meet with Lynn and discuss our options. Lynn was very optimistic yet open and honest and was more than willing to work with us. Lynn was always easy to get in contact with either by telephone or by email.

At the first meeting, Grace barked at Lynn. By the second meeting Grace had relaxed with her. Now Grace looks forward to meeting with her and gets excited when she sees her. Lynn even came to our house to do some work with us there, and provided many helpful tips. Lynn remained positive through all of the training sessions and taught me about positive reinforcement with my dog. Lynn always made herself available, and would always answer any questions I may come up with between our meetings.

Lynn is a miracle worker and accomplished what no one else could. I have had countess people notice the change in Grace and even swear it is a different dog. Grace is calm now and will let anyone approach her.

She is no longer fearful and is a much more confident dog. Grace went from being scared of everyone and everything, to approaching everyone to say “hello”, and exploring new “scary” things all on her own. She has even since been hauled under a helicopter with myself and a total stranger, and had the confidence to know that since mom said it was okay, then it must be okay.

Lynn worked through all of Grace’s issues and transformed her into a new dog. Lynn did with Grace, what no other trainer could do; and Lynn did it while working through all the trauma the other trainers caused.

I am now able to have the relationship I always wanted with Grace, and I owe it all to Lynn. You are amazing. Thank you so much!"

—Susan Jensen, Yuba City, CA